Just the other day, I was talking with my friend about the stress I had with this special needs girl in my class. She doesn’t eat/drink/sleep. It’s quite a headache, because some of my children spend a lot of time in school. They have breakfast, lunch and high tea in school. So it is quite worrisome about this girl who doesn’t eat or drink.

I would always get her to drink, but she never finishes her water. The most I’ve seen her drink was close to 3/4 and that was when we were on an excursion out in the hot sun, jumping on inflatable structures and sweating it out. All the other children finished their water and were asking for more. But not her.

Then just about two weeks ago, I was busy tying the hair of my girls in class. I called her to drink her water and she came up in front. She showed me her bottle and I tried to cajole her into drinking more. I just said, “Some more.” In my previous experiences, she either continued drinking a few sips and she was done or she would just put her bottle back and not drink anymore. I was hoping for the former.

While I was tying the hair, I just kept repeating “Some more” to her, not really noticing whether she was drinking or not. Then after I finished tying, I looked at her and WOW. She had finished all the water in her bottle. I was pretty damn shocked. And pretty damn proud of her. Was so proud and pleased when I sent her out to go home and her helper exclaimed at the empty bottle.

I thought it was you know, a one-time fluke. Then about a few days later, I wanted to try and see if she could drink all her water again. I sat with her at the cubby hole and passed her the bottle and praised her when she drank. Cajoled her to finish up and she did.

So yes, pretty proud of myself and her in that moment.