Hi there!

I thought I would just make this blog to just kinda help me relieve my stress from work along the way. I’ve been at my new workplace for a month now and I’m just beginning to settle in and there’s just so much to do everyday. I’m in charge of a class of 21 children and well, I’ve certainly got a handful. Plenty of them.

I thought I could just blog about the silly little things or just the touching moments, sense of achievement moments and maybe just those stories with a little touch of horror supernatural in them. Or so I thought.

So here’s 2 for the first time. It won’t be a regular update on this site, rather more of a moment-by-moment update.

So here’s the first one which was probably a week back, when I was washing the dishes in the teacher’s toilet. I kept the door open so that I could keep an eye on my children. And then I’m washing and I look back and there’s this kid named B, who keeps staring at me like he wants to go to the toilet but can’t ask for permission.

So after like a few minutes of staring and me gesturing him about what he wants, I finally asked him to come over to me.

(Pardon the Singaporean English here)

Me: What do you want? You want to pass urine?

B: *shakes head and points at mirror*

Me: *internally freaking out; wtf is he seeing “something” in the fucking mirror?* What is it?

B: *just keeps pointing at mirror and mumbling something*

Me: *WTF IS GOING ON* (but no, I’m looking perfectly calm on the outside.) What are you looking at?

B: *still pointing* over there…

Me: *struggling internally. then calmly bending and bringing myself to his eye level. still seeing nothing* What is over there?

B: there is light in the mirror


Yes, thank the heavens it was just light reflected in the mirror in rainbow colours that he was looking at. Really terrified me for a moment as to what he could see and I couldn’t. I mean you can’t blame me right? Mirrors and a kid, something supernatural almost always happens in the movies.

The second incident is just a really touching; sense of achievement moment. I have a girl named L in my class and she doesn’t eat nor nap. I’m awaiting for the special needs officer to just confirm my suspicions. But yes, she’s quite a handful with her outburst and non-verbal gestures.

Well, I’ll get right to it. The thing is, she usually doesn’t nap during nap time and she’s rolling all about on the floor and playing with the toys. But today, she actually fell asleep! I have no idea what she was doing though, I turned and there she was, fast asleep on the mattress.

One can only hope this happens again tomorrow right?